Op-eds and blog entries (selection)

‘How corruption drives political participation – and the people most likely to mobilise’. In: ECPR The Loop (with M. Portos), May 2021

‘Shelter from the Storm: ‘Virtuous’ Systems of Urban Asylum Governance Coping with Italy’s Immigration Crackdown’. In: Percorsi di Secondo Welfare (with F. Campomori & M. Casula), December 2020

‘Barcelona, a Beacon By the Sea’. In: Jacobin Magazine (with P. Castaño Tierno), July 2018

Arabic and Hebrew translations published in the Israeli magazine “Haokets”

‘Immigrazione: antiche controversie e nuove solidarietà’. In: Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, May 2017

‘Milano 20 maggio: breve reportage dal cuore pulsante del corteo’. In: Gli Stati Generali (with F. De Filippi & N. Natali), May 2017

Policy briefs and funded research reports

Bazurli, R. & Campomori, F. (2021) Il sistema di asilo alla prova del COVID-19: l’incremento della stratificazione dei diritti, Quaderni della Coesione Sociale / Social Cohesion Papers, 3/2021: 1-7.

Bazurli, R., Campomori, F. & Marchetti, C. (2020) Dall’emergenza sanitaria alla sanatoria: La condizione degli immigrati nella pandemia, Quaderni della Coesione Sociale / Social Cohesion Papers, 3/2020: 32-40.

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Public venues

On 10 May 2022, I chaired a webinar titled The Rise of Sanctuary Cities During the European ‘Refugee Crisis‘, held at the Centre for European Research of Queen Mary University of London. The event has brought together leading scholars, policy-makers, and migrant rights activists directly involved in sanctuary initiatives in Europe. This was our outstanding line-up of guest speakers:

Prof Harald Bauder (Toronto Metropolitan University)
Hera Lorandos (Bourough of Sanctuary of Lewisham and Bourough of Sanctuary of Greenwich)
Ramon Sanahuja (Barcelona’s City Council and C-MISE)
Dr Sarah Spencer (University of Oxford)

Interviews and media coverage

My alma mater Scuola Normale Superiore, where I obtained my PhD in 2020, has published an article on its website presenting my new research project, Sanctuary Policies for Irregular Migrants in European Cities (SPIMEC). For this project I was awarded with a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship, which I will carry out at the School of Politics and International Relations of Queen Mary University of London. To read the article (in Italian) click here or on the image below.

I have spoken about the history of asylum and immigration in the city of Venice to the journalist Sophia Hill for her documentary Venice and the International Language of Food, released in May 2022. The documentary shares the story of Hamed Ahmadi and his restaurant Orient Experience, which has helped forced migrants to emancipate and feel part of the local community, while also touching on the history of the city and its globalised past and future.

On 2 May 2020, I have spoken about my research on the role of immigrant rights movements for policy change to Melting Pot Radio, the radio lab for the promotion of citizenship rights: