Peer-reviewed journal articles

Bazurli, R. & Campomori, F. (2022) ‘Further to the Bottom of the Hierarchy: The Stratification of Forced Migrants’ Welfare Rights amid the COVID-19 Pandemic in Italy’, Citizenship Studies. Online First.

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Best Paper in Urban or Regional Politics presented at the 2020 APSA Annual Meeting (American Political Science Association, 2021)

Bazurli, R., Caponio, T. & de Graauw, E. (2022) ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Mayors, Migration Challenges, and Multi-level Political Dynamics’, Territory, Politics, Governance, 10(3): 297-305.

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Bazurli, R. (2019) ‘Local Governments and Social  Movements in the “Refugee Crisis”: Milan and Barcelona as “Cities of Welcome”’, South European Society and Politics, 24(3): 343-370.

Edited special issues of journals

Bazurli, R., Caponio, T. & de Graauw, E. (2022) ‘Mayors and Migration Challenges in US and European Municipalities’, Territory, Politics, Governance, 10(3).

Voices in encyclopaedias

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Book chapters

Bazurli, R. & Verhoeven, I. (forthcoming) Contentious Governance and the City: How Urban Alliances Contest National Authority over Climate and Migration Policy. In: Kaufmann, D., & Sidney, M. (eds.) Global Urban Policy. Under contract with The University of Michigan Press.

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Book reviews

Bazurli, R. (2018). Street Politics in the Age of Austerity: From the Indignados to Occupy, edited by Ancelovici, M., Dufour, P. and Nez, H. (2016), Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2016. Partecipazione e Conflitto – PACO, 11(3): 926-931.

Works in progress

Bazurli, R. & de Graauw, E. (2022) ‘Explaining Variation in City Sanctuary Policies: Insights from American and European Cities’

Bazurli, R. & Castelli Gattinara, P. (2022) ‘Framing Immigration as a Non-Salient Issue: Anti-Immigration Mobilisation in Italy during the COVID-19 Pandemic’